2 Resources to read/watch if you still think it is about manipulation…

When I’m doing SEO courses for companies, often client’s seem surprised when they hear there is no magic switch to pick up Google page 1 rankings (e.g. they want to do no extra work and rankings magically appear).

It really is about working harder than the competition, by making your website a great resource and being creative with your marketing. These two resources should help to sum this up:

Linking Outside the Box by Buzzstream highlights the innovative ways to attract links but the tactics will also help with other areas (direct visits, trust etc…)

Advanced Link Building

The second resource, is this video from Moz CEO Rand Fiskin, it maybe a few years old now, but it is all about how you have to make sure you have a better site than the competition. Hits the nail on the head.


  1. Hey Darrell,
    Thanks for blogging about Linking Outside the Box!
    I’m glad you liked it – and I completely agree with your point of view. It’s ceased to be about manipulating search engines, and now it’s about search-aware marketing.
    thanks again

  2. Darrell Freeman says:

    I agree Matt, shame a lot of SEO’s (or so called SEOs) are giving the industry a bad name by still participating in buying links rather than thinking outside the box to generate content that deserves link. I guess Penguin is their downfall.

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