3 biggest mistakes I see all the time…

It is correct that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous in the wrong hands! The amount of companies that I visit and see the same SEO mistakes again and again! Here I’ll let you know the 3 common pitfalls I see:

False Knowledge is Dangerous

1. Companies employ SEO agencies and they are unaware of the activities they are doing. As a minimum you should get a monthly report of work completed and it is common to have a weekly or fortnightly call with your SEO agency/company/freelancer.

It is vital you are aware of the work which is being completed and do not just leave the SEO company to do whatever they see fit! It seems over 90% of the companies I help to get out of Penguin penalties were unaware that their SEO contact was building inappropriate links. It is your responsibility as the client to know what work is being done.

2. Too many organisations rely on their web development company to take care of their SEO during the site build. They assume as they are great at web development/design that automatically they will know the ins of SEO and preserve search engine rankings.

The amount of times we get a call when a new site has been put live and clients have seen a drop in rankings! Simple things like 301 redirects have not been completed and Google Webmaster Tools is reporting a huge amount of 404 pages. Do not assume your web development company automatically have the SEO knowledge (and vice versa!).

3. Poor management hindering great staff! Usually the senior management in a traditional company maybe holding the company back online as they oppose ideas from younger employees. An example of this is not embracing social media in a company or against a blog as they do not see the benefit.

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