Find your latest backlinks!

Find-recent backlinks to your website using Google Webmaster tools[4]

It is always good to see the backlinks Google recognises and you can do this in Google Webmaster Tools. However, until this week there was no way to see which of the backlinks Google had found most recently. Now you can download the latest backlinks from the Google Webmaster Tools screen, this will help you […]

SEOmoz – Time to update the quiz

Yesterday I was helping a chap to improve his SEO knowledge and we decided to do the SEO quiz at SEOmoz. It is a great quiz with a whole host of SEO topics in a great interface but it quickly become clear that it is several years out of date (I would estimate it is […]

Penguin Update Causes UK Online Retailer to Close

Just seen from SEO Book that a UK online retailer has decided to close their business due to the recent Penguin update. Time is up on poor link building methods and I would seriously suggest businesses stay away from poor link building methods and start to take an active part in their SEO (even if […]

How to add a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 14.08.59

You need to visit Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and sign up for an account. This will require you to validate your website so Google can be sure the website your requesting information is owned by you or you have control of the site and that they can show you the information they have on the […]

Learn Begineer SEO in 1 day

We regularly get asked by potential clients, “can you really teach me SEO in a single day”? Yes, in one day we can take your SEO knowledge to a level where you can understand SEO and start to implement the theory we have taught you. Our speciality is teaching our client’s SEO in one day. […]

How to become an SEO

We provide SEO and PPC courses for many businesses but we also provide courses for individuals looking to become an SEO or PPC professional. Both SEO and PPC are relatively new careers and having only been around since the turn of the millennium. It is easy to see why there is a large amount of […]

How to check if your website is in Google, Yahoo or Bing

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One of the common questions we get here at Clicky Leap is, “How do I check if my website is in Google, Yahoo or Bing?”, follow these simple steps and you can find out in 5 seconds. First go to Google and type in the search bar “”, Google will then return the pages from […]

Commoncraft Videos – Social Media

I first seen some of these videos a couple of years ago and they are fantastic. They guys at Commoncraft have produced a set of videos which cover a range of internet marketing topics, the videos explain in plain English with the use of great little graphics how the subjects work. Check out the VT […]

SEO Course at Blackstone RD in Bristol

We have recently completed an SEO course at Blackstone RD in Bristol. They were looking for a beginner course in SEO to give them the knowledge to get an overview of both on-page and off-page SEO. Also included at their request was an insight into social media and PPC. The course was for 2 days […]

New Blog

Just added the new blog to Clicky Leap. It will allow us to talk about many of the current SEO issues and allow our clients and users to keep upto date with the latest developments in the SEO World.