3 biggest mistakes I see all the time…

False Knowledge is Dangerous

It is correct that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous in the wrong hands! The amount of companies that I visit and see the same SEO mistakes again and again! Here I’ll let you know the 3 common pitfalls I see:

Commoncraft Videos – Social Media

I first seen some of these videos a couple of years ago and they are fantastic. They guys at Commoncraft have produced a set of videos which cover a range of internet marketing topics, the videos explain in plain English with the use of great little graphics how the subjects work. Check out the VT […]

SEO Course at Blackstone RD in Bristol

We have recently completed an SEO course at Blackstone RD in Bristol. They were looking for a beginner course in SEO to give them the knowledge to get an overview of both on-page and off-page SEO. Also included at their request was an insight into social media and PPC. The course was for 2 days […]

New Blog

Just added the new blog to Clicky Leap. It will allow us to talk about many of the current SEO issues and allow our clients and users to keep upto date with the latest developments in the SEO World.