10 Tell Tale Signs Your SEO is Ripping You Off!

Okay, little disclaimer to start with, not all SEO agencies/companies and freelancers rip people off. There are many that are doing great work, following Google’s recommendations on adding quality resources to websites and looking to increase the popularity of their client’s websites in the search results by making their websites a much better resource for […]

2 Resources to read/watch if you still think it is about manipulation…

Advanced Link Building

When I’m doing SEO courses for companies, often client’s seem surprised when they hear there is no magic switch to pick up Google page 1 rankings (e.g. they want to do no extra work and rankings magically appear). It really is about working harder than the competition, by making your website a great resource and […]

5 Common Disavow Mistakes

Disavow file is asking Google to ignore links to your site.

The Disavow tool launched late last year and I am still seeing companies, webmaster’s and others making mistakes when submitting a Disavow file. Here I’ll quickly list the 5 common mistakes that I see when users have submitted a Disavow file.

Responsive Web Site Vs Mobile Specific Website

responsive design

In the UK users accessing websites on their smart phones is sky rocketing. The majority of monthly plans come with free 3G minutes and there are thousands of hotspots to pick up a decent wifi connection. The statistics provided by Google’s new Mobile Planet tool are startling (based on 2012): Over 50% of the population […]

Guide to SEO Friendly Layered Navigation for Magento

ASOS Layered Navigation

We seem to be focusing on Magento more and more on this blog. Few reasons for this, firstly we are working on a few Magento websites and enjoying helping our clients with their SEO challenges and we also think Magento is a fantastic shopping cart. However Magento does not come without challenges from an SEO […]

SEO in a boring industry!


Over the years I’ve seen plenty of clients who struggle to complete content for their websites because they work in a “boring” industry. These industries may include cleaning, industrial, law, financials etc.. Anyway, read through this blog post from SEOmoz and see how you can use it to start producing the content which is going to do […]

Great Tool for Keyword Research!

Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 13.01.23

Nearly all organisations I visit have huge gaps in the keywords and phrases they target on their website. They are basically missing a big % of their traffic by not targeting these keywords or not producing enough content to target the long tail search phrases. One tool I’ve discovered is Ubber Suggest, you simply type […]

Exact Match Domains Google Update

You can’t say you wasn’t warned! Last year Matt Cutts did say they were looking at exact match domains and if they should rank so well. It seems they have now taken action and I think it is for the better. Minor weather report: small upcoming Google algo change will reduce low-quality “exact-match” domains in […]

Find your latest backlinks!

Find-recent backlinks to your website using Google Webmaster tools[4]

It is always good to see the backlinks Google recognises and you can do this in Google Webmaster Tools. However, until this week there was no way to see which of the backlinks Google had found most recently. Now you can download the latest backlinks from the Google Webmaster Tools screen, this will help you […]

SEOmoz – Time to update the quiz

Yesterday I was helping a chap to improve his SEO knowledge and we decided to do the SEO quiz at SEOmoz. It is a great quiz with a whole host of SEO topics in a great interface but it quickly become clear that it is several years out of date (I would estimate it is […]