Google Analytics Courses

Confused by Google Analytics? Think you should be using the data to improve your website? We can show you how to get the most out of Google Analytics. Our training shows how to use Google Analytics in depth to get more from your SEO and PPC. We can set up goals, transactions and conversions and identify problem areas of your site.

Typical Course Attendees

We have a whole variety of people on our courses and these include:

  • Webmasters (and web-mistresses)
  • Those working in a digital role
  • Those with complex requirements in Google Analytics.
  • Entrepreneurs & those running their own businesses.
  • Individuals looking for a career

Course Content

Google Analytics Course Content

Google Analytics is the most powerful statistics package available for any website and those that know how to read the data and act upon the data will get much more benefit. For example, do you know which keyword produces the most sales or leads for your visitors? Which traffic source/keyword produces the highest ROI? Is there a particular page on your website which is causing visitors to leave your website?

Want more info on Google Analytics course or want to combine with an SEO course? Use the contact us page to request more details or give us a call on 01244 911 823.